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Harrison Wood

Managing Director

Managing Director and founder of Hville Music, Harrison Wood.

Hville Music was founded in 2010 by session and west end musician Harrison Wood.

Over the last 10 years Harrison has worked in the majority of musical sectors performing live with various bands, touring the UK and Europe, numerous musicals both touring and London’s West End as well as studio work at some of London’s finest studios including Abbey Road. Harrison has also worked in the wedding and corporate market for over 10 years providing numerous bands and acts to a variety of occasions before finally setting up Hville Music.

Harrison has built Hville Music from scratch with two aims in mind :

1, Having the best quality acts in UK we can possibly find for our artist roster.
2, Keeping a personal relationship between the clients and Hville Music.

Now with a team of Hville Music coordinators, photographers and specialists, along with our in house recording facilities, Harrison continues to be at the forefront of Hville Music and generally overlooking the whole product ensuring you are getting the very best entertainment for the very best price.

Contact Harrison :-

Mail :
Tell: 020 3890 1234 ext 301